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What’s Buggin’ You?

If you’re visiting Florida for the first time, or perhaps you live north of the Mason-Dixon line where it freezes regularly, when you visit Florida you may be in for a bit of a surprise at the extensive number of creatures you’ll be sharing your vacation with.

Florida has bugs.  Lots of them.  Year-round.

There are 8,000 different bugs in Florida that you could run into.

There, I said it.  Whew, I feel better already!

You? Not so much?

Meet the Locals

Well, now that I’ve taken you to the brink in terms of dismay and disgust, let’s walk it back a bit.  Florida is subtropical and there are bugs, year-round.  We do the best we can to maintain a barrier, but it is also up to guests to follow some protocols.  Empty garbage daily, don’t leave food items open, clean up spills, crumbs and dog food.  And don’t be afraid of the geckos and lizards.  Remember, they lived here first!  They’re harmless, won’t bother anyone and are, quite frankly, the best natural pest control.  And if you leave doors open, you just might invite in an Egret (bad Egrets, looking for geckos to eat!) or a snake.   Many snakes in the area are quite harmless, including the Black Racer.  (Several of the resident Black Racers have been named…) It may be helpful to know that while they can be a bit scary-looking, the large wood cockroach which live outdoors (affectionately known as Palmetto bugs) are not known to carry pathogens.

What We Do

So what do we do to maintain a barrier? We are using a pest service that is good for cockroaches, every species of ant in southern and central Florida, all spiders, earwigs, beetles, silverfish, wasps and bees, fleas and houseflies. The service uses a combination of technology to eliminate bugs in their homes (rather than waiting for them to come into our home), we find and block pests’ infiltration points using baits and treatments.  The use of this comprehensive outside-inside treatment means that we do not spray contact insecticides inside the home.  

No matter what treatments are applied to the home or what prevention steps are taken, there’s no guarantee that you won’t see a few. So have a question or seeing more bugs than you’d expect? Just give us a call, or shoot us a text or email and we will follow-up!