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Treasure Island Outdoor Friday Market

The Treasure Island Outdoor Friday Market is seasonal only and runs from late December through the end of April. The venue is held at the Treasure Island Community Center. 104th Ave & Park Place and has just what you’d expect from a farmer’s market. Fridays 9 am – 2 pm.

You can visit the market’s Facebook page for news and alerts.

Gulfport Tuesday Fresh Market (year-round) Gulfport – Gulfport toughs it out through high and low season by operating its farmers market year-round.

The year-round operation is probably one of the reasons it is so successful. If you look at the list of local markets at the top of the page you’ll see that the vast majority operate only part of the year.

Gulfport’s Fresh Market has continued to grow in the number of vendors and expand the types of vendors participating each week.

Today the roster includes approximately 70 vendors. October through April hours are 9am – 3pm and May through September the hours are 9am – 2pm.

Located on Beach Blvd between the public library and the Gulfport Casino, street parking is free. Visit the website to find a list of vendors.