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Treasure Island Inflatable Slide

This slide is operated by Big Event Slides.  Also known as the Hippo Slide.
Big Event Slides – 10400 Gulf Blvd.  $3 for one trip, $5 for two trips or an all-day pass for $25. Huge slide. You can see it from the parking lot! Check out the pictures on Facebook – so much fun!

When we were there last (July 2018) the slide was now sort of tan and blue.  Maybe they don’t last long in the blazing Florida sun. I will ask next time.  But there was also a pirate ship of sorts available.

Take note that the bungee trampoline has a weight limit that could affect some adults.

It operates during the Sunday evening Drum Circle too, so have a ride and try to slide with the beat!

This is what the “complex” looks like as you approach from the parking area.  You can easily access this via the Mobi-Mat, as the Mobi-Mat begins where the wooden beach walkover ends.

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