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Drum Circle Treasure Island

Why You Should Experience the Treasure Island Drum Circle

If you’re staying on Treasure Island over a Sunday night, you’re in for a bit of a different treat. ¬†On the beach around Gulf Front Park and the inflatable slide near 104th Ave, is the Treasure Island Drum Circle.


What the Heck is a Drum Circle?

I had never experienced a drum circle, or frankly even hard of one, before spending time on Treasure Island.¬† Apparently they’re a thing.

So much of a thing that there’s an online list of drum circles around the United States. And even an international list of drum circles. (Or maybe that’s a list of international drum circles.)


These lists have been maintained online by the same person for 19 years!

So what exactly is a drum circle, you ask? Well, it’s a bunch of people hanging out on the beach, forming a circle and playing drums and perhaps other instruments. ¬†Anyone is welcome to join in. ¬†Kids dance, adults dance, people hoop and everyone just has fun.

Some drummers sit up near the “front”, such as it is, while others linger on the periphery of the circle. ¬†Some folks will join in for a few sessions, then hang back for a few. ¬†People dance, people sit, people stand, people sway.

The Treasure Island Drum Circle is just a fun, relaxing weekly event.

Why You Should Care (Or, Why You Should Go)

Alright, maybe “care” isn’t the right word.

Well, it’s just kind of different.¬† And relaxing. People of all ages, and from all walks of life show up at the Drum Circle. ¬†There’s no judging, this is not a contest, and I’m not really sure there’s ever any kind of rehearsal.

If you like music and if you like drums in particular, there aren’t a lot of other venues where you can experience this sort of thing, for free, in such a beautiful setting.

The sun has gone down, or is going down and it is just a nice end to the day.

The inflatable slide may still be running and may not be as busy that time of the day.

Insider Tip: Alcohol‚Äč

It should be allowed in this area, but I wouldn’t make a spectacle of myself. ¬†And people don’t – they are generally well-behaved, in part due to the enforcement of the ending time and the police presence not too far away.

Is this venue suitable for children to attend? Yes, people generally wear the same thing they’d wear to the beach.¬†Or more.

All sorts of drum and drummers

Logistics – When & Where

If you’re staying at one of our rentals you’ll likely want to drive rather than walk. Take chairs and a cooler and park at the parking lot across from Publix, or if that lot is full you can park behind the office building across the street.

You can also park at the parking lot at Gulf Front Park for a fee if spaces are available.

When it starts varies with the time of year, but if you arrive 45 minutes before sunset you’ll be sure to catch it.  End time is currently just after sunset.  Remember that in summertime, sunset is not until around 9 pm.   If you decide to take the Suncoast Trolley, get off on the stop across from Publix.

See if you can name the instruments in the lower left?

Bathrooms and outdoor showers can be found at Gulf Front Park (10400 Gulf Blvd at 104th Ave) right by the entrance to the beach if you park there.

Insider Tip: It no longer ends at 10pm

If you poke around on the web a bit you may find references to a stop time of around 10 pm. That is old news. ¬†The city began regulating the ending time a few years ago, resulting in the new end time that references sunset. ¬†So don’t be late!

Treasure Island Drum Circle Videos

We’ve posted a couple of videos below to either whet your appetite or give you something to remember the Drum Circle by.

When You Return Home

Be sure to take your protected camera or phone when you go.

Don’t forget video as an option so you can take home a bit of the sound also. ¬†But be considerate if someone seems to want their privacy.

After you return home, you can buy drum jam Mp3s on iTunes, Drum Circle Music on Amazon, a drum circle CD and a Drum Circle Book on Amazon.

There are lots of pictures on Facebook and on the web for TI’s drum circle. ¬†So just search for it and enjoy! And check back here because we’ll be adding our own

“Don’t grow up too quickly, lest you forget how much you love the beach.”

Michelle Held

Leave a comment below and tell us if you enjoyed the Drum Circle!