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Smokin’ J’s Real Texas BBQ

‘d be lying if I said I wasn’t suspicious of Smokin’’ J’s at first. I mean, they’re from Texas. Why did they leave the land of BBQ?! But after couple of meals here, I no longer care why or how they ended up in Florida—I’m just glad they did.

Smokin’ J’s has the secret sauce (literally, with two options: sweet and hot) and the tasty sides (green beans, mac and cheese, etc.) that you’d expect of a BBQ joint. Their brisket is actually my least favorite, as it is a little too dense and dry for me. But the ribs, smoked sausage and pulled pork (smoked for 14-16 hours and then hand-pulled) will satisfy any carnivorous craving. 

Assorted BBQ meats

If you’re in town for the holidays, be sure and call ahead to order a smoked turkey.  

Save yourself a load of work, give your oven a break and impress family and friends.

Smokin’ J’s goes all out for the holidays

If you dare, take on the Smokin’ J’s BBQ Challenge.  Win, and this challenge is free; lose and you’ll pay $49.  

To win, you have to consume the following in one hour: a pound each of sliced brisket, pulled chicken, pulled pork, sliced sausage, a boneless rack of ribs, and pickles and onions on a bun with a jalapeno to top it all off.  

See the pictures.  And bless your little heart if you try!

Now making a dizzying assortment of homemade ice cream flavors

5145 Gulfport Blvd S      


Closed Monday and Tuesday