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Renting Cabanas and Lounges – Treasure Island

How to Rent Cabanas and Lounges

If you head out to the beach on Treasure Island or St Pete Beach, you’re sure to see colorful lounges and cabanas.
On Sunshine Beach they are sunshine yellow.
On Treasure Island Beach they’re a rich turquoise and blue. Lest you be prompted to think that you have won the lottery, or that you’re at the Magic Kingdom and all your wishes have come true (sorry, wrong town) or that it is first come, first served…I’m here to make certain you know that these items are not free.

Umbrellas and lounges are taken down each evening and put up each morning by an attendant

Beach Service Operators

The operators of these services vary according to beach location.

Taylor Beach Service

Taylor Beach Service operations spans from 104th to 120th Ave on Gulf blvd, including the area adjacent to the Municipal Beach at 112th Ave

Hubbard’s Marina Cabana Rentals

Hubbard’s operates in the area around Gulf Front Park at 104th Ave and south to the 99th Ave.

Sand Dunes Beach Services

Sand Dunes (also the Taylor family) operates the cabanas and lounges on Madeira Beach, St Pete Beach and Upham Beach (part of St Pete Beach).

​These cabanas and loungers are operated by Hubbard’s Marina in the area of Gulf Front Park and southward for about 5 blocks.

Services at Sunshine Beach and Municipal Beach

Sunshine Beach is the beach closest to our Treasure Island home rentals.

Insider Tip: How to pay

Taylor Beach Services takes payment in cash, and by check in limited circumstances.  No credit cards.  Hubbards prefers cash, but can take a card in a pinch. Prepare to have an imprint of your card taken if you choose the credit route!

Availability and Pricing

Following is availability and pricing for equipment at Sunshine Beach and Municipal Beach, operated by Taylor Beach Service.

Cabana with two lounges. There’s a 2 hour minimum with a charge of $15.

3 hours – $20

One day – $30

2 Days or More – $25 per day

Per week – $150 per week

Extra lounge – $5 per day

Prices include tax.  No refunds. Credit days for bad weather.

Your haven for the day

Insider Tip: Umbrellas

Umbrellas are usually rented by the day due to weather restrictions and safety protocols. No one wants to be injured by a flying umbrella!

How To Rent From Taylor Beach Services

It’s pretty easy! Just take a seat. The attendant will follow up with you and you handle payment with him or her. Lounges “close” at 6 pm, but I’ve been told that if you want to keep them for longer, say to have a nice comfy place to relax and enjoy sunset in the summer, they can show you how to stack, stow and lock them up when you’re finished.

Services at Treasure Island Beach

Cabanas, lounges, paddleboards, bikes and kayaks on this section of the beach are operated by Hubbard’s Marina.  They have the turquoise cabanas and blue cushions on the loungers.
Hubbard’s rentals run from the beach in front of Gulf Front Park and go all the way south down the beach to the Island Inn which is a large hotel on the right side of Gulf Blvd. (About 5 blocks south of Publix.)

Availability and Pricing

Cabana sets – 2 hours for $15
Cabana sets – 3 hours for $20
Cabana sets – all day for $30
Lounge chairs plus umbrella – $15
Lounger only – $5
Umbrella only – $10

It’s very easy to swim, play and just generally hang out here.

How To Rent From Hubbard’s Marina

Reservations can be made by calling 727-393-1947. If you make reservations they can work with you and have specials for multiple rentals, as well as breaks on extended and weekly rentals. If you’re renting without reservations, feel free to sit until the attendant comes by to collect.

You can park at the Gulf Front Park Lot at 104th Ave and Gulf Blvd, or at several others outlined in the downtown parking map.

On Sunday evenings this area of the beach is also home to the Treasure Island Drum Circle.  (If you’re trying to find the Drum Circle from the street rather than the beach, it’s across from Publix and Safeway, near the Bilmar Hotel and the Thunderbird Hotel.)

Insider Tip: extended length equipment rentals

If you rent with Taylor Beach Service in advance for longer than one day, the equipment is tagged with your name for the duration of your stay

Schiller Water Bikes can be rented from Hubbard’s

Services at Madeira Beach, St Pete Beach and Upham Beach

Cabana rentals at Madeira Beach, St Pete Beach, Pass-A-Grille and Upham Beach are operated by Sand Dunes Beach Service, also part of the Taylor family.

Insider Tip: paddleboards and kayaks

Hubbard’s also rents out paddleboards, kayaks and beach bikes from the beach location.

The Taylor family operates Surf Rentals at 121st Ave behind the large hotel Sunset Vistas Beach Front Suites also has kayaks and paddleboards for rent.

Sand Dunes beach equipment rentals at Pass-A-Grille


All of these are operated by local, long-running family businesses. Attendants are professionals and can help stake umbrellas and get everything set up where you’d like it. Prices are reasonable and renting is easy. Restrooms, showers and parking lots are near each location that has these cabana rentals. Great choices if you want to show up and relax and not get a workout hauling your gear to the beach!

“In the waves of change we find our direction.”


Read more about Treasure Island’s beaches in our guide!

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