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The perils of buying bottled water

Waste caused by bottled water is a huge problem and growing. We try to do our part with our rentals and eliminate as much waste as much as possible. One huge component of our landfills and oceans are plastic water bottles. See the story about the GPGB – That’s the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch” here. It’s horrifying that this problem and this particular accumulation has its own acronym!!!

If you do buy them, please recycle. For Gulfport rentals, if your house has a rectangular blue bin, you may place plastic bottles in there and they will be recycled. Do not place them in the green bin. If there is no blue plastic bin in the trash area at your rental home, you can take them to the recycling center located at the 49th Street Neighborhood Center at 1617 49th St S in Gulfport.

For Treasure Island rentals, please take them to Rosselli Park, Isle of Capri, located at Capri Circle S at Second St SE, Treasure Island.

We can make a difference!


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