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Options for Getting Around in Gulfport Florida Without a Car!

Sometimes, you just don’t want a car. Maybe you’re planning on enjoying a night out without having to find your way around or worrying about having a glass of wine with dinner. ¬†Other times you’re appalled by how much they want for a rental car. ¬†Or perhaps your SO is playing a round of GOLF somewhere (yes THAT four-letter word) and you want to go to the beach.

No matter. We have transportation options for you.

Gulfport’s Get Go

Complementary transport within the Gulfport area

Gulfport’s Get Go is complimentary transportation available to anyone from any point within Gulfport to any other point in Gulfport.

Available from 10 am to 10 pm, seven days per week.  Funding is made possible in part through donations and a matching grant from the Gulfport Multipurpose Senior Center Foundation, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Ongoing funding is provided by local business sponsorships and private donations.

Stylin’ wheels

Lyft & Uber

I could give you a link here but it’s really better if you just download the app. If you haven’t done that already more than likely you’ll be eligible for some credits for free rides! And with the app you can get estimated costs if you enter both your pickup point and destination when you’re looking.

The Bus – PSTA & Suncoast Beach Trolley

Check out this Google Transit Trip Planner to help you find your route number, stop and estimated time to your destination.  So cool!

A special transportation network called the Suncoast Beach Trolley is a portion of PSTA that runs only from St Pete Beach to Downtown Clearwater.  Checkout the schedule here.

2019 Update: A better solution: The Transit App.

If you want to feel as though your head is about to explode, try reading the¬†PSTA bus route map. If you lived here, perhaps it would be worth the effort to figure it out. ¬†If you’re not a local, your vacation will be over before you’ve figured out your route.

Thankfully there’s a solution that you should probably have your phone anyway, and that’s the¬†Transit app. ¬†This app from Heaven lets you plan your trip and includes¬†real-time data¬†for accuracy.

And better yet? This app doesn’t just work here – it works in 175 cities around the globe. ¬†From Austin to Anchorage. Nicaragua to New Zealand. ¬†Iceland to Italy. ¬†Download it now.

Coast Bike Share

Coast Bike Share ( is the Official bike share of St Pete.  They have an app, you can gift rides or join a monthly plan that allows so many minutes per day of riding.  

Bikes can generally be found along Central Avenue and the USF area.