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New Restaurant – Mano’s Italian Grill

Is our pretty little town big enough for not one, but two fine Italian restaurants? Happily I think the answer is an enthusiastic YES! 

Those of you familiar with Gulfport know that we have been blessed to have Pia’s Trattoria in the heart of the Waterfront District for a long time now. Pia’s is a personal favorite of mine and is a linchpin in our 3-Day Dining Guide to Gulfport.¬†

However, early in 2019 I started hearing amazing feedback about an Italian newcomer on the scene, Mano’s Italian Grill & Pizza. I was finally able to give it a try last month. ¬†It’s tough work trying out new restaurants, but someone’s gotta do it.

Aracini di Rosa – that’s fancy Italian for rice balls.¬† (I think!)

First, let me apologize for the photos. These are just the photos of the dishes we were able to photograph before attacking them. ¬†We were seriously hungry, seriously excited to finally eat at Mano’s and seriously hoping to finish dinner before the thunderstorm moved in. ¬†

Who am I fooling? Half the time when I go to try out a new restaurant specifically for the purpose of recommending it (or not), I actually forget to take photos before we dive in. ¬†And if I do remember, I have to hurry under Terry’s glare while I stand between him and the food just placed in front of him.

To the point though, these rice balls were wonderful.  Definitely a must-try and not something I would normally order.

Terry chilling and waiting for the fun to begin. Mano’s patio is great for enjoying a quiet meal outdoors.

I should have led with a photo of the iced tea.¬† It’s that good.¬† Don’t add lemon.¬† No need to mess with perfection.

Let me close by saying I can’t believe I’m actually going to mention the iced tea. ¬†Does anyone go to a restaurant, much less an Italian restaurant, because of the iced tea? Well we do now. Or we would.

If you’ve ever tried Republic teas in the bottles, you may have a sense of what I’m talking about here. ¬†Republic teas are perfection in my view – clear, crisp, so ick or bite on the tongue.¬† Mano’s iced tea is that without the fancy flavorings. A home run.¬†

Mano’s Italian Grill & Pizza is now closed on Mondays for parties and special events.

Mano’s is located at 5802 28th Ave S, Gulfport, 33707. ¬†They’re in the little shopping center that looks out over Wood Ibis Park. ¬†Watch waterfowl frolic by day and the fountain light up by night.   


Open at 4 pm daily except Mondays.

Or check out their Facebook page for tons guest photos of dishes.