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Getting Around Treasure Island Florida

Getting Around Treasure Island Florida

The entire length of Treasure Island running from north to south is less than 4 miles, so going anywhere locally isn’t likely to take long. ¬† You have the usual options, like your own car or a taxi, but you also have newer ride share options plus a free beach shuttle service. Read on for details!

1. Suncoast Beach Trolley

If you’re just moving up and down Gulf Blvd and you don’t need to go far from a stop, this is a great and green option. ¬†Trolley stops are very frequent and you can find the schedule here, along with ticket/fare info and a map. ¬†The beach trolley can also be used to connect to the Central Avenue Trolley to go to downtown St Petersburg.

Free Beach Ride

2. Free Beach Ride

The name of this service tells you exactly what you need to know.  You can get a ride and yes it is free.  Short and to the point.  This is a really neat service started in 2009 with just a few golf cars.  Today the service includes more vehicles, including some vans.

These shuttle operate locally and go door-to-door, from Pass-A-Grille at the south end of Gulf Blvd, to the northern parts of Clearwater Beach. ¬†Drivers work for tips only, so it isn’t free in that sense, but you should know better than that! ¬†Drivers are available from 8 am to 3 am daily.¬† Call 727-776-7533.

Beautiful Egmont Key

3. Tampa Bay Ferry and Water Taxi

You know you’re staying in a neat place when one of your transportation methods is a ferry or water taxi! Treasure Island is, in fact, an island, so it makes sense that one of your transportation options would be by boat.

True, neither the ferry or the water taxi will get you everywhere you need to go, but they will take you to a few key places and you’ll have fun doing it. The Tampa Bay Ferry company offers both ferry services and a water taxi service. ¬†The Madeira Beach Water Taxi is the one that operates in the vicinity of Treasure Island. ¬†This route goes from Treasure Island to John’s Pass, to ROC park, then Jungle Prada (where I highly recommend you disembark and dine at JP Tavern) and then back to TI. ¬†You can find details of the route and schedule here.

Additionally, Tampa Bay Ferry offers two ferry services – one to Egmont Key and the other to Shell Key. ¬†Both are great ways to spend a day. ¬†Just be sure to read up on what’s at each destination and what you should bring with you. ¬†Both Keys are nature destinations with limited services.

4. Lyft, Uber and Bats Taxi

Uber and Lyft are both available, but if you’re from a major metropolitan area, keep in mind that the density here is much less than in some places, so you may have a little longer wait times. ¬†Bats has been in the area for a long time and is a good local option. ¬†You can book BATS online here, or call 727-367-3702 to reserve.

Check out bike sharing with Coast Bike Share


At 3.8 miles in length and not very wide, Treasure Island is a place where you can bike almost anywhere you need to go. ¬†Keep in mind that there can be a fair amount of traffic on the main thoroughfare – Gulf Blvd – but the speed limit is generally 35 mph so cars aren’t usually going too fast.

Coast Bike Share offers a great way to explore downtown St Pete and Central Avenue.

6.Central Avenue Trolley

As previously mentioned, you can combine the Suncoast Beach Trolley with the Central Avenue Trolley to get downtown. ¬†From Treasure Island you would take the Suncoast Beach Trolley south to the Corey Avenue “terminal” at 75th Ave and Gulf Blvd, then transfer to the Central Avenue Trolley to head downtown. You can take this trolley all the way to the Pier and there are many stops along with way. ¬†Pricing varies, but is very reasonable. ¬†Exact fare is required or you can use a GO card (purchasable online and at other locations in the county). I wouldn’t go without a exact change or lots of singles and change and a printed schedule. ¬†Learning any new bus system takes time and your vacation time may be put to better use. ¬† You can find a link to the schedule here.


If you have your own car or a rental, sometimes the easiest and quickest way to get somewhere is going to be by car. ¬†There are quite a few metered lots in TI and they have cute little names like “Sandpiper Lot” or “Heron Lot”. ¬†Location of all the city parking lots can be found here and most of the lots are metered or have a pay station. ¬†Lots with pay stations accept credit cards. ¬†Parking is generally $2 per hour. ¬†Use the Parkmobile app and pay with your smartphone. ¬†Here is the link to the parking pay app. ¬†And most businesses are going to have parking, though of course some more than others. ¬†Parking at restaurants will be a little more challenging during prime dining times.

Insider Tip: The Transit App

Visit the App Store or Google Play to get this app. Simple. Reliable! And readable!

Or click here.

8.The Bus

If you want to feel as though your head is about to explode, try reading the PSTA bus route map. If you lived here, perhaps it would be worth the effort to figure it out. ¬†If you’re not a local, your vacation will be over before you’ve figured out your route.

Thankfully there’s a solution that you should probably have your phone anyway, and that’s the Transit app. ¬†This app from Heaven lets you plan your trip and includes real-time data for accuracy.

And better yet? This app doesn’t just work here – it works in 175 cities around the globe. ¬†From Austin to Anchorage. Nicaragua to New Zealand. ¬†Iceland to Italy. ¬†Download it now.