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Blake’s Great Cakes

No, it’s not Cathy’s Rum Cakes.  These are crab cakes. Cakes on the savory end of the “cake” spectrum. 

Made with Baltimore style jumbo lump crab meat.

Made with minimal filler.

Made with a hint of secret seasoning and Old Bay. 

Blake is from the Baltimore ‘burbs.  He started helping his dad in the kitchen when he was 5.   He worked for two well-known Baltimore seafood restaurants. He visited St Pete, fell in love with it and moved here a few months later. 

Pretty much the entire menu

What to Get


Crab cakes!

It actually says on the menu, underneath “Blake’s Cakes”, “this is what you came for”. 

Perfectly blended, so that the freshness and flavor of the crab shines through.  Just the bare minimums of seasonings and bindings to make the cake.  Perfection in a little golden ball.

The perfect complement to the crab cakes are the French Fries. These fries lightly dusted with Old Bay are on my top 5 French Fry list, which was unexpected. In a restaurant focused on crab cakes, it would be easy to “go easy” on the sides.  But it is clear that Blake has artfully crafted every single item he puts on his menu to the delight of my taste buds.  And Blake’s Yum Yum sauce (homemade Siracha mayo) was perfect on the fries. 

The Yum Yum sauce is in one of these

What To Know If You Go

They do sometimes sell out, so call if you’re coming late in the day or coming from a distance. 

They also don’t stay open very late.  Blake has a life.  As he should.

The place is very small.  You won’t be having your large birthday party here.  The size also means that it is easy to miss in the strip center if you’re not paying attention.  Put the address in your GPS and believe it when it says “you have arrived”.  You have indeed.


7224 Central Ave St, St Petersburg, 727-289-2322

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